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This. The Future Of Digital Storytelling (Aarhus, Denmark). keynote

Patterson, T. 2019
How Video Games Can Deliver for People and the Environment

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Playing For the Planet, How Video Games Can Deliver For People And Planet

June 19, 2019
Games for Change, New York NY
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Videogaming as a tool for Global Development Challenges
Nordic Game, (Malmo, Sweden)

Patterson, Trista (2019) 24/05/2019 Nordic Game

Playing For the Planet

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Ecosystem Services in the Pacific Coastal Temperate Rainforest of North America 

Patterson, Trista. 2012

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World Forum

Patterson, Trista. 2011

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World Forum on Enterprise and the Environment

Patterson, Trista. 2011

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Ecosystem Services and Communication: From Science to Solutions

Patterson, Trista. 2011
TEEB at Yale

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Boom Bust Bailout, What Would Nature Do?

Patterson, Trista 2009.
World Wilderness Congress 2009 keynote
Merida Mexico

What Would Nature Do? 

Patterson, T. 2010


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