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Playing for the Planet, building the Alliance and its Global Ripple Effect

Trista Patterson and Mathias Gredal Mathias Gredal Nørvig (CEO, Sybo/Subway Surfers)

CopenX Digital Technology Innovation Forum, Copenhagen

11 Feb, 2021

Creating Change: Systems Architecture for Impact in the Playing for the Planet Initiative

Trista Patterson

Bizplay meets Creatables Conference, Karlsruhe Germany
Creatables, sustainability goals for the games industry, companies, start-ups and universities at bizplay, the most important event for gamification and game design in Germany
15 Oct 2020


Playing For the Planet, How Game Developers Can Tackle the Climate Crisis
Trista Patterson and Mathias Gredal Nørvig (CEO, Sybo/Subway Surfers)
Game Developers Conference, San Francisco

Aug 5, 2020

Could Video Games Deliver Worldwide Wins for Climate?
Trista Patterson, Tedx Arendal. Nov 6, 2019

The Future Of Digital Storytelling (Aarhus, Denmark). keynote

Trista Patterson October 15, 2019
How Video Games Can Deliver for People and the Environment

(link to video)

Playing For the Planet, How Video Games Can Deliver For People And Planet

June 19, 2019 Games for Change, New York NY
link to video

Can Video Games Save Lives? Gaming as a tool for Global Development
Nordic Game. Malmo, Sweden

Patterson, Trista May 24, 2019 Nordic Game

(link to video)

Building Inclusive Green Economies in Africa, a presentation of the UN Green Economy Synthesis African Ministerial Conference on the Environment

Cairo, Egypt
Mar, 2015


Modelling Carbon and Economic Consequences of Alternative Fuels in Alaska and the Pacific Northwest (Trista Patterson & Dave Saah)

Patterson, Trista. 2012

(link to video)

Why Educating Girls in Lesser Developed Countries is the World's Most Powerful Leverage Point for Sustainability
Patterson, Trista
World Forum for Enterprise and the Environment
University of Oxford, UK

July 2, 2012

Interpreting Glaciology- The Scientist, The Dramatist, and The Musicologist

A dramatic exploration of the changing relationship between the sciences, human beings and the environment in the context of icebodies. Values, technology, scenes and music formations from frozen landscapes.
Dr. Trista Patterson, Dr.Steve Waters, Dr. Chris Gerrard

University of Oxford Humanities Forum
Oxford UK, 6 Nov, 2012


Reforming Economic Systems for Environment and Development and the Emerging Technologies Reaching Young Demographics (& Transform the World)
World Forum for Enterprise and the Environment

Patterson, Trista.

(link to video)

Oxford, July 7 2011

World Forum for Enterprise and the Environment

Patterson, Trista. 2011
University of Oxford Smiths School for Enterprise and the Environment

(link to video)

Ecosystem Services and Communication: From Science to Solutions

Patterson, Trista. 2011
TEEB at Yale

(link to video)


Boom Bust Bailout, What Would Nature Do?
2 min short video (post keynote)

Patterson, Trista 2009.
World Wilderness Congress 2009 keynote
Merida Mexico

What Would Nature Do? 

Patterson, T. 2010


(link to video)


Production Portfolio Links

TEEB4ME Campaign: Visualizing the Value of Nature (UN Environment Program, The Economics Of Ecosystems and Biodiversity

Little Things (1min) Video  -  Winner, Grand Prize at the 2010 Rome Film Festival Competition
Your Invoice (1 min) Video

Bank of Natural Capital (website, wireframe, functionality, content)
Data Visualization (Crowdsourced Competition)

Czech Republic, Nature: Who Cares? Campaign
EEA Grant Description
Kampaň Příběhy české přírody (Czech language) Multimedia Campaign Site
Stories and Episodes (Czech language)
Crowdsourced Photo Competition

Policy Support

UN Environment Program

UNEP 10YFP, Sustainable Production and Consumption

Economic Analysis, Systems Mapping and Strategic Planning

Green Economy Policy Advisement & Analysis
Indicators, Modelling, Analysis

TEEB Arctic: The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity

Strategy, Policy, Analysis, Reporting

European Union / UNEP

EU Covenant of Mayors
Sustainable Energy Action Plan
&  Initiative to Address Energy Poverty
Policy Support: The Covenant of Mayors (COMO) is an initiative launched by the European Commission, involving local and regional authorities, voluntarily committing to increasing energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy sources on their territories. COMO-East is the expansion of the COMO initiative in the Eastern, Caucasus and Central Asian countries and aims to support local authorities in these countries to sign the COMO initiative and support them in the preparation and implementation of their Baseline Emission Inventory (BEI) and Sustainable Energy Action Plan (SEAP). UNEP, 3 cities (Icherisheher in Baku, the Ukrainian town of Vinnytsia and Beltsy in the Republic of Moldova), and Frankfurt School of Economic implemented a joint initiative - developing Sustainable Energy Action Plans and implementing demonstration activities. For further information, please refer to the resource compendium (updated 2020) & e-book


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